Pint 1 – Green Flash Nut Brown Ale

I’ve gotten into Green Flash recently thanks to a bar close to where I live. I’ve only ever had their West Coast IPA, which is such a solid beer. I picked up two bottles (this and their red ale) after I finished work for the New Year’s holiday. Not a bad deal at 500 yen a pop. This beer is solid. Really drinkable. Brits would probably say it’s too carbonated, so I’d hesitate to add the “English” to the brown ale as the Japanese back label did. It’s 5%, so I’d call it a session beer if it were a little weaker. A perfect starter beer as it probably wouldn’t be able to bust through more intense flavors after you’ve shocked your palate.

Solid, but doesn't match with Mexican food.

Solid, but doesn't match with Mexican food.

Unfortunately I made Mexican food for the roommates last night, and this beer was a little mild. It made it clear why a nice, stinky Pilsner is the perfect match for Mexican. Having experienced the IPA, I was hoping to be overwhelmed by the nuttiness and was not. Will have to give this beer another shot when I’m not eating Mexican. Fortunately it’s in a safe price range.

Nice and brown.

Nice and brown.


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