Pint 6 – Green Flash Le Freak

This is the third and final Green Flash beer I bought during my end of year trip to the beer store. The others were solid, but this is superlative. It’s only my second Belgian IPA fusion beer, but now I think I get it. The first I had was the Collaboration Ale made by Stone, Mikkeller, and AleSmith, and when I had it I’d already had two pints and might not have been able to detect all the flavors. This time, they all came through in Green Flash’s Le Freak.

An amazing fusion.

An amazing fusion.

It pours an awesome clear golden color.

Pours a nice clear golden.

Pours a nice clear golden.

For such a lightly colored beer, it has a wide, complex array of intense flavors. There’s the hops, mostly bittering, and then the yeasty Belgian flavor that comes. I bet that you have to be very careful not to overpower the yeast with too many aroma hops. This beer tastes like what a super-hopped Duvel might taste like.

After a while, I poured the rest of the bottle and clouded up the pint a bit.

Clouded up a little when I added the rest of the bottle.

Clouded up a little when I added the rest of the bottle.

The bottle says this is the combination of an imperial IPA and a Belgian trippel. I looked up trippel to check the spelling and was surprised to find that it’s a relatively recent development – Westmalle made the first one in 1934. It packs a punch at 9%, but is only slightly warm on the way down. Not much sign of the alcohol. While I do love me some aroma hops in my IPAs, I can dig the replacement with the yeasty flavors. This is a fantastic brew. Definitely need to round out my Green Flash tasting with a few more bottles.


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