Pint 7 – Mikkeller Black

Whoa, this one’s a sipper.

Intense "Imperial" Stout

Intense "Imperial" Stout

This is the last of the beers I bought for New Years. It’s from Mikkeller, a Danish brewing company that has been getting amazing reviews. Just getting around to drinking it now because I thought I should save it for a while, really savor it; the bottle says it’s good until 2012. Love the presentation – that’s the Chinese/Japanese character for “black” if you didn’t already know. Love the fact that it comes in a green bottle, too, nodding it’s head to sake.

It pours a ridiculously thick, black. I used a small Japanese beer glass to force myself to actually sip on it. Beer Advocate reviews claims it produces a head, but there is very little carbonation.

Thick black liquid

Thick black liquid

Ooof. This one packs a punch at 17.5% alcohol by volume. It has a sweet smell and initially a sweet taste, but then the roastiness and malt really hit you after the sweetness wears off. Calling this an imperial stout is like calling Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA a double IPA…it doesn’t quite fit. It’s more like a liqueur. Very warm on the throat as the sweetness hits.

I was thinking of going to the convenience store for a couple more beers after this, but that will only happen if I can still walk. This is one of the most powerful beers I’ve ever had. Not an everyday beer by any measure, but a nice one to experience.


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