Pint 3 – Saison Dupont

January 1, 2009

For New Year’s Eve I wanted to get something a little exciting, big and bubbly, and the big bottle of Saison Dupont was a fantastic value, one of the best in the store, at 1100 yen.

Fatty Saison with the Hop Head for comparison.

Fatty Saison with the Hop Head for comparison.

It definitely provided some excitement, fuzzing up pretty good and making me spray it all over the kitchen trying to get it under control. Maybe I should have gotten it cooler. (Currently I’m using an empty closet in the bathroom as a beer cellar as it’s one of the only rooms in the house with a temperature suitable for beer all day long.)

Nice fuzzy head and massive foam in the bottle.

Nice fuzzy head on the pint and massive foam in the bottle.

I’ve only had three saisons – Dupont, Regal and Baird’s Beer – so I’m still wrapping my head around the flavors, but the yeast definitely have a similar presence as Hefe yeast. More clove than banana, for certain. The hops and malt are so balanced and really seem to let the yeast do its very complex thing. Also deceptive for a 6.5% beer. Will definitely require more research and comparison with other examples of the style.