Pint 0

January 1, 2009

This is a blog to keep track of the quality beers I drink and to practice writing. I’ve decided to keep it because the beers I’ve been getting are too special to enjoy just once and often too expensive to buy twice. Most of them I’ll probably be buying from this one amazing store. I learned about it from my friend Ben. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment I first learned about it. We were enjoying pints at the most famous beer bar in Tokyo during a conference. Ben made the store sound like the hidden treasures of El Dorado: a store in Tokyo a short walk from a main train line that keeps its beers at cellar temperatures and offers hundreds of selections from around the world. He gave me deceptively simple directions, and I went the next day still a little wary, but when I opened the door, there it was. Fridge after fridge of good beer, shelves and shelves of bourbon and scotch, and a walk-in wine cellar.

When I first went, I was mostly after American big beers like Stone and Dogfish Head, but recently I’ve been exporing Belgiums and other exotic offerings. I always give the beer fridges two or three looks before making any decisions. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and a new shipment will have just arrived. Other times there are just the regulars. Recently they’ve had interesting new beers everytime I’ve gone.

So I’ll be writing a little about the beers here. Nothing too crazy or detailed. I love good beer, but don’t want to sit there obsessing over flavors when I’m drinking. I mostly want to keep photos of the bottles so that I can come back and look at them later. To keep it true and pure, I’ll leave it totally anonymous.